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What Have I Learnt about Re-Editing My Work?

For a long time, I have always heard people saying that people have enjoyed seeing the improvement in my work. They could be talking about the way I take a photo but I did wonder if they were talking about my post-editing process I have learnt over the years.

I’ve for years wanted to look back through my old photos and re-edit them and see if my current work-flow or any new inspirations would come to me. Also there were some photos which I now look back and have grown to dislike how I originally edited the photo and also wanted to have an excuse to re-edit those photos.

I won’t be reviewing all my re-edit photos I’ve uploaded so far, but you can always click on this link to see all the featured re-edit photos I’ve previously done and read what changes I made.

The way I set myself on this project, I would start with the original RAW photo, not looking at the previously edited photo so I was not persuaded by previous decisions on how I original photo was edited. I would use as many new skills I have picked up over the years or new one should I get an inspiration on how to edit the photo.

There has been some interesting things I have discovered during this project.

A lot of my photos edited in 2015 seem to be edited in very dark tones. I’m not sure if it the vignette I used at the time. Each photo I’ve re-edited, they’ve come out brighter.

Some of the photos I’ve changed how I crop the photo, either following the rule of thirds, making it more centre or even changing the aspect ratio of 1:1 or 16:9. There are even photos, where I was able to straighten/level out the photo.

As I am spending more time on a single photo, I get to spend more time, fixing up some aspect of each photo like remove background objects from each photo or even wrist bands when I’ve noticed it. Also, I would take the time to repair or replace anything I felt which needs resolving such as the arm on the Winter Soldier, cover up the

I like to experiment with different use of colour gradients to change how the photo looks.

Below are some of the photos I’ve edited between 2015 on the left and edited in 2020 on the right.

Check out my previous re-edit work and catch a new re-edited photo every week on our website.

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