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Re-Edit : Red Lantern Supergirl by Athena Addams

This week, re-edit project is Athena Addams in her Red Lantern Supergirl cosplay, taken the London Film and Comic Con in 2015.

The version of Supergirl donning the Red Lantern ring is part of the NEW 52 era of DC Comics titled “Red Daughter of Krypton“.

As usual, I would start with the base RAW file and apply the basic changes of exposure, contrast, highlight, HSL, and etc.

The first thing I did was change the aspect ratio of the photo and level out the photo. I have found changing the aspect of the photo to 16:9 allows the photo like this to really focus in on the cosplayer while eliminating as much of the background as possible.

Next, I removed the wrist band on her right arm just to remove that distraction from the image. And while I was removing that distraction, I then cleaned up that background such as the trash bags, signs on walls, and drain pipe, to remove those distraction.

A small thing, the sign below her left elbow, I de-saturate the sign to remove that distraction from the image.

As she is wearing latex, I made the suit a bit more shinier to emphasise the suit more.

Should you want to see a slider of the two here, I have one right here for you. Please be aware that because of the difference in ratio, the 2015 photo will look distorted.

2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2015 Edit
2015 Edit

If there is a photo that I have taken you think I should consider re-editing, please let me know in the comment or DM me on social media.

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