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Re-Edits : Harley Quinn by stitchkittenuk

Starting a series where I look back at the photos I’ve taken and re-edit them with all the new skills I had learnt since I originally published the photo.

I’ll be uploading both photos I originally published and the re-edit so people can compare between the photos. I detail what changes I made between the two photos.

This week, I picked to re-edit is stitchkittenuk as Harley Quinn taken at London Super Comic Con in 2015.

2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2015 Edit
2015 Edit

As usual, I do my correction of exposure, contrast, colours, cropping, etc. Here are the other changes I made in the edited 2020 photo.

  • Added red gradient sides to the edge of the photo.
  • Changed the eye colour to blue.
  • Loose fabric at the back of the neck *very small but it was bugging me when I saw it.
  • Add “shadow” to the bottom area just to give it a slight definition.
  • Added Highlight Makeup.

Comparing the two, the original still hold well with the choices I did make at the time. If I had known how to change people’s eye colour for the original photo, I would probably wouldn’t have consider re-editing the photo as I did. I am still proud of both photo.

If there is a photo which I have taken you think I should consider re-editing, please let me know in the comment or DM me on social media.

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