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Event Review: Comic Con Germany 2018

Comic Con Germany is a yearly con in Stuttgart.  It’s has excellent transport links as it on the doorstep of the airport which has also train station, so travelling to the venue is easy.

Who was there?

The event itself had a number of celebrities from both film and TV from popular culture such as Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of SHIELD, Gil Gerard aka Buck Rogers, Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation and many more.

But also, they had a large number of cosplay stars from around the world.  There was Shirak CosplayStarbit Cosplaybakka cosplay – transformation artist, Faerie Blossom, Joker’s HarleyKinpatsuAlyson Tabbitha and many more.  Both celebrities and cosplayer had their own area so it was very easy to find them.  In fact, the cosplay area was called the “Cosplay Kingdom” which seemed all the cosplayers congregate in this area.  Was very easy to grab and ask for photos in the Cosplay Kingdom.


The venue itself I find similar to the Excel centre in London Docklands area.  The areas the comic con occupies is two halls, one main hall and a side hall but there is a huge garden area which links onto a downstairs sitting area looking onto a water feature.  I find this setup very easy to get around and see everything in one day should you want to. Also what makes it great to get around in the main hall, is the upper walkway which I used a lot to cut through the crowd.

For photographers and videographers who wish to attend, again it’s similar to Excel centre.  Inside is have fairly clean and interesting walls with metal panels to shoot against.  The upper walkway I’ve seen people set up lights to do their photos.  There is lots of natural lights at the back of the main hall both upstairs and downstairs.  The outside area is great for those natural shots away from inside building look, especially near the sitting area near the water feature.

What’s there to see

There is a great selection of indie comics, artwork and merchandise stalls.  It does have the usual ‘Pop Figure’ stalls but not as much.  CCG, does a great job promoting the indie comic stall as there was a whole programme dedicated to them.  There is plenty of space to get around and see everyone, it does get crowded but no more worse then any other popular con’s I’ve been to.

There are many panels which goes on from celebrities, cosplay workshops, across many of they stages they had.  The panels were a mixture of German and English depending on the guest.  Panels seemed to be well attending, especially the Cosplay Competition held on the Main Stage.

I find CCG does a great job at making the atmosphere so friendly and inviting for people to wonder around.  It’s so family friendly, with so much to see and do.  There was a giant display of transformers and Jaegers from Pacific Rim and also a VR experience to test out.  There are plenty food stands to grab a bite when peckish.



It’s an event which make me come back year after year.  The number of cosplay guest alone is great.  It’s nice to see a Comic Con organiser seeing the value of cosplay guests at their event.  Getting photos there was nice and really had to look around to get some nice interesting locations to get photos.  As mentioned before, the atmosphere is great and most people speak English which was good for me and those who’s German is limited.  I do love traveling to a foreign con and really encourage more people to travel abroad and experience a difference kind of comic con.


Check out the cosplay photos I was able to get throughout the weekend.

Saturday Photos

Sunday Photos

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