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Cosplayer of the Week: Loki of London

You may recognise Loki of London from (unsurprisingly) their stunning takes on Marvel’s Loki, but that’s certain not all this talented cosplayer can do! A dab hand with a wonderful variety of materials and not afraid to learn something new to perfect an outfit, they are sure to blow you away with their commitment to detail.

Damien Bloodmarch
Photo by Hawksome

Age: 28

Location: Surrey, UK

Favourite food: sushi

What is your favourite part of the costume making process?

There are two parts that I really love. Firstly, there is the part where I get really excited by the character and the costume. I watch all the clips of the source material and collect all my reference pictures. This is when I’m all hyped up and eager to begin. The second part is when the costume has just been finished and I’m putting it on for the first time!

Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

It’s fair to say that all of your costumes are quite complex, but what would you say is your most ambitious costume to date?

Probably Prince Nuada. I had only given myself just over two weeks to make it and it had to be competition standard. Sourcing the black patterned material was a headache and working with silk is always difficult because of how much it frays. The seal I carved out from lino, which was time consuming and fiddly and overall the costume had to be comfortable enough to run, jump and do spear movements with. It was also my first time having a prosthetic element to the make up.

Prince Nuada
Photo by Hawksome

Are there any techniques you’ve learned from more recent costumes that you wish you’d known when making Prince Nuada?

Not so much techniques, but I do believe I get better each time I use the sewing machine. I get neater, faster, more confident so each costume does get more professional in turn.

Do you have a dream cosplay that you’d like to work towards?

Armoured Thranduil. I am so excited and terrified of this one because it has to be perfect. I recently won some Coscraft vouchers so can now get the materials. It will be a long and careful project with no set deadline so I don’t rush anything. I cannot wait to be a moody, swishy Elven king.

Photo by FeeKee Photography

If you could give any advice to new cosplayers, what would it be?

That if you want to cosplay a character, just do it! You can fit it into your time, or your budget, or your skill level. Don’t think that any excuse will hold you back. I have seen cosplayers battle through pretty much anything to get to be their dream character and have done so myself. Also, ask for help. The cosplay community is big and full of skilled people. Don’t struggle alone. Don’t be intimidated by skilled cosplayers, most of them are lovely.

Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

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