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Cosplayer of the Week: The Have A Go Hero

The Have A Go Hero is one of my personal favourites in the world of cosplay. Many people would look at a big build with materials they’ve never worked with before as something unattainable, but not this “dude”! Nothing is too much of a challenge for him as you will see from the intricacy of his builds.

Spartman Batman
Photo by Nigel Beare Photography

Age: 34

Location: Cornwall, UK

Favourite food: houmous and falafel

The Dude

What’s your favourite part of the costume making process?

Painting, weathering and finishing touches. It’s what really makes a costume pop.

It’s fair to say that all of your costumes have been quite complex, but what would you say has been your most challenging build so far?

I would have to say Spartan Batman. Working with worbla was new for me, but also the sheer amount of detail was completely overlooked in the planning stages… there were so many pieces involved that required every bit of my skill set and a lot, lot more! I learnt so much from this build and it’s given me a ton of confidence to tackle more projects in the future!

Spartman Batman
Photo by Nigel Beare Photography

Your armour builds are extremely well executed, what advice would you give to cosplayers looking to get into armour making for the first time?

Best advice? Just go for it. Don’t be afraid to think big and break out of your comfort zone. I think a lot of people worry that they can’t do it and I’ve often felt this way, but simply believe YOU CAN and somehow YOU WILL! Patience, practice, practice, practice… cry a little and go again.

Do you have a dream cosplay that you’re working towards, or would like to?

I’ve hit a bit of a creative wall at the minute, but my dream would be something HUGE, like a 12ft transformer or something, but as long as each build teaches me something new, I’m happy. I like to push myself and add more strings to the bow, so to speak. But I always have a soft spot for a hot new Batsuit!

If you could go back in time and give newbie Have A Go Hero some advice, what would it be?

Think about the practicality of the armour. Can it be removed easily, can I move in it for hours on end, make it as easy to go to the toilet as possible… and drink loads and loads of water!

Captain America

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