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Cosplayer of the Week: LyingCat Cosplay

I discovered LyingCat Cosplay through a mutual photographer we enjoy working with, and I’m exceptionally glad I did! With a wide variety of cosplays featuring everything from comics, to films, to games (and the rest!), LyingCat are a duo that have something for everyone.

Zenpool and Shiklah
Photo by Gallagher Photography

Age: Both – 27

Location: Both – North Yorkshire, UK

Favourite food: Lucy – pasta, especially carbonara. Ben – anything with mushrooms. Or pizza. Or mushrooms on pizza!



What’s your favourite part of the costume making process?

Lucy – Putting in personal touches into the designs, redesigning parts of the costume to make them your own. It’s not always about getting it completely accurate to the source material!
Ben – I love a big build. My first toe in the pool of cosplay was a full foam Iron Man suit off the back of a drunk bet. Seeing it come together is awesome, and the BEST part of all of that is the painting and finishing!

Your costumes tend to be fairly complex, what would you say is your most complicated build so far?

Lucy – Kitty Pryde was the most difficult for me. I was very new to cosplay, and making the bodysuit from scratch, with little sewing experience, was tough. There were many tears!
Ben – My most complex was probably my first Iron Man. Learning to work with foam with no experience was trying at times, but it’s all about practising what you love, eventually you start to see improvements!

Kitty Pryde
Photo by Luziver Cosplay & Photoshop

Do you have a dream cosplay that you’d like to work towards?

Lucy – Yeah, there are a few from Monstress (Image Comics) that I adore. They are really intricate designs on stunning fabrics, the artwork is incredible! The main one I’d love to do is Maika Halfwolf’s main outfit, or maybe cosplay Kippa!
Ben – I’m a big Marvel comics fan, so my dream cosplays change every couple of weeks when new armours/costumes are released! I’d love to make the Superior Iron Man suit. I’ve not seen it done yet and could walk around with cocktails all day!

Lucy, it seems like you’re keen on sewing while, Ben, you seem more at home with armour. Would you consider swapping those in a cosplay?

Lucy – Yes, definitely! And we sometimes do! However I’m hesitant as I’m not confident with foam, I’m better with worbla!
Ben – I’ve always avoided sewing, but I’ve recently sewn a present for someone that I’m really proud of, and it’s made me want to do more! I’ve got a bit of experience with making belts and holsters for some of my cosplays, but normally I rely on Lucy!

Armoured Sulley
Photo by Cris Ward Photo

If you could go back in time and give newbie LyingCat any advice, what would it be?

Lucy – Don’t give up so easily! And I’d tell Ben to not get so frustrated and feel the pressure of our hobby, because there shouldn’t be any!
Ben – I’d probably tell us to get more involved at earlier cons. We were both so nervous travelling across London in costume, and were very shy when we were at the cons. Whereas now we’ve made friends who cosplay, cons are incredibly fun and we just chat to everyone and anyone!

Matt Murdock
Photo by Photography by Nicholas Gray

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