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Cosplayer of the Week: Devilish Cosplay

It’s difficult to say whether Devilish Cosplay is better known for his excellent foam builds or his comedic takes on basic cosplays, but we know we love them all! The outfits from this king of puns are sure to leave you impressed.

Arkham Knight
Photo by Gallagher Photography

Age: 37

Location: Northampton, UK

Favourite food: steak – to those who can cook a steak without undercooking it or burning it, I say well done *groan*

Matt Murdock
Photo by Twisted Reality Cosplay

What is your favourite part of the costume making process?

Tough question. I enjoy the build more than the actual wearing it I think. Most of my costumes so far have been armour based so there’s a long tedious process cutting out, gluing etc. I enjoy solving problems within the build, for example how to turn an arc reactor into a star shape without those plans existing, or how to bring some of the mash-up ideas I have with stuff to life and still make it fit in to the rest of the suit. I enjoy painting it as it means I’m nearly finished!

What do you think has been your most complex build so far? How long did it take compared to other costumes?

Most complex was my second Iron Suit variant – Iron Avenger, mainly due to all the different electrics/lighting rigs – I’m still a novice with lighting still after all the armoured suits I’ve built! That being said, it took me less time to build than my first suit did as I’d gained the knowledge and crafting skills from the first build by that point. My first suit took me 6 months on and off, and Iron Avenger took about 4. I normally start big projects in January and have them finished by MCM May with a couple of weeks to spare.

Iron Avenger
Photo by Food and Cosplay

You do some comical cosplays as well as your serious builds, which do you find you prefer being in at conventions?

Ah well, I don’t have a preference as they have two different purposes and goals. I create my serious cosplays to test my skills and see if I can create something, but I always like to put a spin on things (Iron Avenger, Delorean War Machine). My comical ones have stemmed from way back at MCM May 2015, my first con when I felt out of place as Tony Stark when our group of friends were in an entire Bat-family of characters. I decided that for the October con that year to create a variant of Commissioner Gordon and at the time the Lego movie had recently been released and a Lego Batman cosplay had already been done. I looked into getting a Lego Commissioner Gordon head and hands made and created the suit which went down well, albeit was a pain to wear. It was from pictures of that which people commented that the head also looked like Walter White and Ned Flanders to lead me to wear the same head as part of a trilogy of cosplays and wear Lego Walter White and most recently Lego Stupid Sexy Flanders. The response to those ideas on the various Facebook groups I’d posted the ideas on was overwhelming, and it gives such a great feeling seeing the smiles and laughter on the faces of other con-goers when they twig who I’m cosplaying. As Lego Ned recently, I’ve not laughed as much in a day at con as I did that day, culminating in a tongue-in-cheek boudoir shoot with Stand Easy Arts played purely for laughs but went down a storm.

Stupid Sexy Flanders
Photo by Stand Easy Arts

Do you have a dream cosplay that you’re working towards?

Oh god I have tons. I think we all have a “list”. I always wanted to be Batman and recently got to unveil that which I’m proud of and will be upgrading bits of it for the future. I’d love to one day build a Bumblebee suit, but I’d want to go big with it (8-9ft) and already costing it out it will be upwards of £2k and a year’s build. I don’t have the time, money or space to do it so it will remain a dream for now. I’m hoping to build one final Iron Man suit (I know I’ve said that every year for the past three) for a special team up later next year but it’ll come down to cost and whether I can get enough reference pictures together to work from.

Photo by Food and Cosplay

If you could go back in time and give newbie Devilish one piece of advice, what would it be?

Accept that things will go wrong, and that perfect isn’t the goal. Stop putting stupid expectations on end results and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Thankfully I’ve been following that mantra for the last couple of years and I actively try and steer clear or any drama within the community these days, and there’s a lot of that. Oh, and don’t paint stuff inside or the missus will be mad at you: happy wife, happy life!

Photo by Twisted Reality Cosplay

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