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Cosplay Stories : The Sentinel / X-Men by hummin_h2

Photo by handsintheair_pics

The Sentinel from X-Men by hummin_h2

I had a huge love for Halloween! I used to make a lot of horror costumes and designing haunted houses. I went to my first convention in 2017. It was Silicon Valley Comic Con  and cosplayed Hulk. It was the first time I ever wore a costume to a convention. I didn’t know what to expect. Once I entered the convention center I got a lot oohs and ahhhs and it was great socializing with everyone at the con so I was hooked after that! The interactions with the crowd is what makes it more fun. Seeing all the other cosplays just makes for a fun environment to be in. Becoming that character and trying my best to emulate the character as best as I can is what really brings out the fun for me.

My Sentinel cosplay was put together with an Iron Man suit type of design. Basically mashing up Iron Man with sentinel for a more modern look. It’s all made of EVA foam. The only difficulty in creating this cosplay was coming up with a concept how to pull off a cosplay. You have to be able to make it functional and somewhat comfortable to wear. I wore the Sentinel to LA Comic Con this past weekend and it was great seeing lots of people at cons again. The response for the suit was great. Everyone knew who I was cosplaying. Every X-Men cosplayer wanted to battle the Sentinel and I was happy to battle !

For me, cosplaying brings me great joy and happiness. I enjoy being a character from my childhood that I grew up watching. Seeing all the happiness my cosplay brings to people makes cosplaying all that more enjoyable.

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