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Cosplay Stories : Catbus / My Neighbor Totoro  by aachase1401

Photo by drgnfly5931

Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro  : aachase1401 

Catbus actually is the reason I decided to go to Holmat.  I’ve never been before, even though it looked fun.  Catbus is my first Anime cosplay.  I’d heard great things about the anime conventions in FL but never seemed to get to one.  Since I had Catbus this year, it seemed like a good enough reason to come by!  I loved decorating Catbus for Christmas.  What a fun concept

Catbus gets set up kind of like a tent.  There is a PVC frame on wheels.  The body is draped over the frame and the legs and face hang from it.  The legs are connected to more PVC attached to my legs.  It’s similar puppetry to the skeleton CoCo dancers at Disney parks.  The face is then pushed by two more long PVC poles.

That’s one of the parts of piloting Catbus that is kind of sad, I can’t see people’s faces or hear that well.  I can see people, but it’s fuzzy.  I could hear cries of “OMG CATBUS” every once in a while which was fun.  And it was fun to answer people standing right next to Catbus, who didn’t know I was driving him or didn’t realize I could hear them.  I took a lot of people by surprise.

The true Christmas Miracle of the con was the fact that THE SANTA HAT ACTUALLY STAYED ON!  It was wire held on by staples with the hat on top and I honestly expected it to fall off after an hour.  It didn’t fall off once all day!

Random Catbus Facts…’s about 3x as heavy to drive Catbus on carpet than it is on a smooth surface.   It’s not to heavy Normally but that extra traction really makes it a work out.

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