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Cosplay Stories : Marioette by nikkimoxxi

Photo by Rogerleephotos 

Cosplay by nikkimoxxi

Along with the crazy popularity of Bowsette, people were making Super Crown versions of other Mario characters (most notably Boo and Chain Chomp). I thought it would be fun to contribute my own design to the lineup of Super Crown’d characters, and I noticed no one had done it for Mario by that time. So I created my version of Marioette!

Ballgowns are much easier than they seem. The dress was relatively simple, and put together within a few days. But the real fun was the wig! It’s the most complicated, gravity-defying wig I had ever made, so it was a fun challenge to get it just right. I learned how to combine two wigs into one to make it extra thick, and watched tutorials online to figure out how to get it into the right shape to mimic Princess Peach’s hair. Only bad thing is that it isn’t very useful to reuse since there aren’t many cosplay options for a brunette Peach!

The day I wore it to Anime  Los Angeles, it actually rained a ton! Because of that, I had to be indoors half the day, and that huge dress is not very hallway-friendly! But despite the awkward conditions, everyone was really enthusiastic about the design. I took so many pictures with Bowsettes/Booettes/etc! It’s always fun to be part of a meme while it is in its height! Now that Bowsette has come back into fashion again, I’m tempted to wear it again! Maybe I could alter it into a Luigiette…

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