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Cosplay Stories : Misty Mermaid from Pokemon by sakurasunsetshop

Photo by courtoast

Misty Mermaid from Pokemon by sakurasunsetshop

Growing up I was often swimming in the pool pretending I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid singing Part of Your World. Watching Pokemon growing up the episode “The Misty Mermaid” was always one of my favorites. My love for swimming never stopped and I joke that I was a mermaid in a past life. So several years ago when I learned that there were professional mermaids and people who made mermaid tails I knew I had to make one.

I spent months of researching the different materials, silicone vs. fabric, casting and mold making, neoprene vs. spandex, the different types of monofins, etc. I decided on doing a combo silicone and fabric tail as the aquariam safe silicone was slightly less expensive than making a full silicone tail but still had a very realistic look.

As with such a complicated process it was expected I was going to make a lot of mistakes. The biggest being I made the fluke much too large and it came out very heavy. Unfortunately, I can’t lift it with my own leg strength while wearing it. I solve this problem by having good friends that are willing to be cosplay handlers and a photographer that knows how to photoshop out any sign of them, haha! Some of the other issues include running out of the silicone that was piped onto the fabric, the fluke mold plaster bubble too much, having the pigments not properly adhere to the silicone, having the two halves of the fluke not perfectly line up, and probably some more that I’m forgetting about. Because I knew I wasn’t ever going to compete in this cosplay I decided to shrug them off, hoped I was being overly critical with myself and hoped nobody else would notice.

Because the waterpark that ColossalCon is held at doesn’t actually let you swim in mermaid tails I was in the tail for my photoshoot and not much longer so not many people saw me or interacted with me. The biggest reaction we got was from the lifeguard yelling at us for getting into the wave pool too far. We also did have a few cosplayers walk by with bubble guns and asked if we wanted to add bubbles to our shoot. That was fun and added whimsy to a few shots. I would definitely make the fluke much thinner so I could lift it myself! The fabric I chose was also not true neoprene so I would love to upgrade to that. I would definitely invest in a better airbrush for sealing the pigments on the tail.

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