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Monday Discussion : How much do you value your privacy online?

Would want to hear your views on “How much do you value your privacy online? E.g. Real name, where you live, tagging personal FB, etc”

Do you use an on-screen name to separate your online persona from your private life? or do you share some details such as your first name, the area you live, etc? Do you worry people might track you down and get unsolicited messages?

Drop your comment, in the Comment Section below or on our Facebook page to share your view.

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I use a screen name, which does incorporate my name, but I keep the identifiers out like last name and actually first name. I also make sure to separate out my personal accounts and my cosplay accounts. Mostly because my line of work has me sign a lot of NDA’s and it’s just easier having one platform for cosplay, one for work, and one just for me.

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