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Cosplay Stories : SpiderGwen by ladyashexii

Photo by jesse13mason

Hey! I’m Alissa and I’ve been cosplaying at conventions in Florida since 2015. I’ve always been fascinated with the Spiderman comics and films, but felt they were missing a strong female character that I could relate to. Don’t get me wrong, Mary Jane is great, but when Gwen was reinvented in 2014, I was instantly smitten – the concept, her costume design, personality… She was just the superhero I’d been waiting for, and I was planning that cosplay for years until I felt I could do the character justice. Took me until 2019, and now I can’t stop! There are so many fun versions of her to bring to life.

I first cosplayed her at Megacon 2019 and was so happy to see little girls come up to me that recognized who I was and were excited to see her! Since Into the Spiderverse and Marvel Rising, Spider-Gwen is finally recognized by a wider audience, and getting the attention she deserves. I love that young girls have such a strong female lead that they can be inspired by.

I was even part of a little girl’s birthday party, where she specifically asked for Gwen to be there and dressed up to match! That was really sweet and one of my favorite memories in that cosplay. 

It honestly brings me so much joy! I’ve always spent extra time planning and working on my costumes for Halloween or other events, so once I discovered comic conventions, I was hooked. It’s such a great creative outlet!

It combines my love of design, drawing, painting, sewing, and crafting. It’s also allowed me to be a part of charity events in a really meaningful way, whether it’s fundraising or lifting spirits, it’s nice to bring a smile to peoples’ faces when they’re in need. It’s also introduced me to a community of pretty amazing and talented people.

Cosplayer: ladyashexii
Suit: therpcstudio
Pattern: gun_head_design
Wig base from wigisfashion

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