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Monday Discussion : Post-Covid is MCM London Weekend Ticket still value for money?

Would want to hear your views on “Post-Covid is MCM London Weekend Ticket still value for money?”

With Comic-Con Events being on hiatus for 18 months and show running is slowly releasing details of when they are hosting events and also prices for tickets. Are people willing to pay for the price increase of £85 for a weekend ticket? Details of ticket prices and other information can be found here.

Does any see that the extra money will be plowed back into the event to make it a better experience for con-goers, with limits to the total capacity for better social distancing, possible health checks at the door such as temperature checks, hand sanitiser, etc? Maybe Brexit was a contributing factor to the price increase.

Or the increase from £75 to £85 is a step too far and there isn’t much-added content to the event that can be experienced. Possibly the cost that Excel has gone up and that cost have been passed on to con-goers to cover.

Is the price increase making you reconsider to rethink how you attend MCM and all other events and possibly looking into going to local events or event setup location shoots with friends and photographers?

Also it looks like children tickets are now being charge to attend, is this something which can be justified?

Drop your comment, in the Comment Section below or on our Facebook page to share your view.

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