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Cosplay Stories : Con Crunch / Labinnak

I knew people would get a kick out of the cosplay but I wasn’t expecting how viral it became despite me only being in the cosplay for a few hours. Honestly, I am happy that it did get the attention that it did because I did the cosplay to make a statement about Con Crunch as a whole and how ridiculous the crunch is.

No cosplay is worth compromising your physical or mental health. It is perfectly fine to wear unfinished cosplays to events or even postpone them to wear at a later date. In the past, I used to con crunch super hard for Katsucon (lots of late nights working on cosplay, working on cosplay in hotel rooms, a lot of mental breakdowns).

This year I kept my health in mind as I was crafting and realistically looked at what I had time to make to wear at the convention. After all…. Cosplay is about having fun. This is what I focused on this year and I think its what allowed me to have an overall positive experience.

I came up with the idea in November when I first started patterning out in masking tape the swimsuit-like base to my Princess Mononoke Nightwalker cosplay. During this time I noticed that people were already posting their Katsucon lineups, so I thought it would be a silly idea for me to post my own lineup with three different photos of me in my masking tape pattern saying that I was going to be cosplaying Con Crunch all weekend. It was originally a joke although I thought to myself, “What if I did actually wear Con Crunch to Katsucon?”.

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