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Cosplay Stories : Darkwing Duck by Voodoo Parka

Photo by nerdo_cosplays

Cosplay Story by Voodoo Parka

oh man! Have I got stories to tell you lol. Ok, Darkwing Duck’s first debuted at Kikori con of 2019. He was a secret cosplay my friends had no clue. So as I got all dressed up and I walked down to the con I could see how happy and shocked the congoers were. I even walked past a panel room where the anime English dub VA’s had their Q & A with fans and I believe it was Gohan’s voice actor that said out loud, “Darkwing Duck?!”

I came back to that room and everyone lost it! I made it to judging and I waited in line and my friends saw me and didn’t know who the person was but they loved the cosplay. So I told them and they also lost it. Then it came the time. Judging.  As walked into the judging room I saw and heard the judges gasped and started to fangirl. They loved my DW so much they forgot to ask for my portfolio but I made sure to give it to them.

After that was done I decided to go to the English dub VA panel room to catch the last remaining of it. After it was done, I kid you not a group of girls shouted “Lets get dangerous!” Haha it was great. Then my duck trousers fell off my waist as I won in best journeyman category so that was also a thing lol.

How I put Darkwing Duck together is both interesting and pretty difficult. The purple blazer, turquoise shirt, orange spandex leggings, duck slippers were bought. Why make more work for yourself when you can find things on the internet or thrift stores to make your cosplay just as good as the professional ones? Work smarter not harder but hard work does pay off and it gains you more experience. The head, trousers,  hat, gloves , cap and gas gun are made by hand. No sewing machine. 

For the head I used a fursuit method were you use a ski mask and you take foam and hot glue you already cut out shapes. Then you have to keep trimming the foam down till its a perfect size and shape. That took 3 to 4 hours I believe.

The beak is made of eva foam and so is the hat. I replaced the buttons on the purple blazer with golden ones I saw at Joan’s. The gas gun took my half of the day to put together. I was trying to figure out how to make it and find something that would work around the house to create it. DW took me all during the day and night to make.

We have chill cons here in  New Mexico. If it’s your first time I highly recommend Sabaku Con its ran by Monkey Paw. It’s a small local anime con in a nice hotel and it’s very laid back and the people are friendly. I’ve also went to cons in Arizona that are also ran by Monkey Paw – Kikori Con, that one is another small chill layer back con. Connichiwa is a bigger one and there is Saboten that’s also bigger. Most of them are chill. My friends and I went to Anime Banzai in Utah that one is also fun. We have yet to expand our options and we have been looking into Kameha ConRTX and other anime and comics outside of New Mexico.

As for shout outs, I would like to give a shout out to Namae cosplay! Belldandygoddess cosplay,  Swordsaint cosplay, Mara San cosplay, Nikki karray cosplay, Shiki cosplay, Quintillakay cosplay, the Wafflelgo, Sailor Sakura cosplay and Kimiko cosplay. 

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