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Cosplay Stories : Beta Junko / Danganronpa by Glitter Mango Cos

Photo by ignis.umbra

A Cosplay Story by Glitter Mango Cos

Getting this Junko cosplay together in the span from May 2019 to February 2020 was quite the rollercoaster. Even biting a bit too much off the apple that I couldn’t chew on the day to wear her out. Junko is a cosplay that I felt, at first, was too revealing and something I didn’t think I would’ve pulled off well. 

Though as time went on as I worked on her, I started seeing more people cosplay Beta Junko, giving me that confidence that I could really pull this off. Even with the serious malfunctions and issues I had with the massive wig, I still had my friends to help me pull through and give Junko the energy she deserved. I’m beyond happy with how she turned out in the end. 💕

To be honest, if you told me that I was gonna cosplay with a huge wig two years ago, I would’ve said you’re nuts! But then here we are. Cosplaying Beta Junko with a massive wig on the month of my birthday. Crazy, really! I was honestly blown away with all the responses I was getting for that cosplay that day. Heck, it was a first for me to be stopped by a few people and then getting swamped with pictures. 😲 10/10 for effort. Maybe a 6.5/10 for my neck bearing the weight of that wig. 😂

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