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Cosplay Stories : Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse : Dinasaur Club

Photo by thatkid_spidey

Cosplay Story by Dina Cimarusti Art // Instagram

As much as I stressed about all the imperfections, as soon as I walked into the con and saw the reactions to it, I was immediately relieved. Seeing so many little Miles cosplayers freak out over a giant Fisk truly made my day. 

I originally planned on doing a cosplay that allowed me to be comfortable at the convention….and then I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. As soon as I saw Kingpin I thought, I MUST BE HIM. I fell in love with his character design and loved how absurdly large he was.

I started sculpting his face after I saw the movie but didn’t start on the body until a couple weeks before the convention. I basically just built a box out of insulation foam sheets with foam pieces inside that rested on my shoulders to give him height. I cut a hole out of the belly area and covered the entire body in sheer black fabric so that I could see through it without any obvious vision holes.

For the arms, I bought the largest pair of black pants I could find at the thrift shop and used them as sleeves. I stuffed them with foam and ran a wire through them so they could bend and so I could easily attach my silicone hands (which were lifecasts of my own tiny hands). I ran the face in silicone and backed it with foam. I then attached the face to the body with silicone caulk. Everything else was basically attached by hot glue and a prayer.

I tried it on for the first time a couple days before the convention and realized the insulation foam was really doing its job and within seconds I was already getting warm. So, the night before the show I ran out and bought a battery operated fan that I installed under his armpit.

Doing cosplay is such an amazing creative outlet for me. I’m a full-time SFX artist, but like most jobs, I don’t have any creative freedom. Cosplay gives me the opportunity to use all these crazy skills I’ve learned and create something that brings myself and others pure joy.

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