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Cosplay Stories : Calamity Ganon / The Legend of Zelda by Phalafel Cosplays

Cosplay Story by Phalafel Cosplays

I am a great lover of The Legend of Zelda, Ganondorf, and Breath of the Wild. I had already made a Ganondorf cosplay based off of his Hyrule Warriors design, so I wanted to create an original humanoid version for Calamity Ganon. After a lot of sketches, the armor design was born!

The armor is a combination of LED foam and EVA foam, all provided by the wonderful people at Cosplay Supplies. Each piece was handcrafted and painted. Then I sewed the cape and modesty panel with this amazing iridescent fabric I found, reminiscent of Calamity Ganon’s glow.

I haven’t taken it to a convention yet, but it was about 30 degrees outside when we shot, and I had to get completely dressed into the cosplay in a park in DC…so that was interesting enough, haha! One thing I would try to improve is the brightness of some of the LED pieces. Also, the fit of the shoulder straps of the chest plate to be a bit tighter. But I’m very happy with how it turned out considering this was my first large LED project!

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