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Cosplay Stories : Chrom from Fire Emblem by Imjustjayk

A story from imjustjayk

At the time, I was thinking about cosplaying a character with prop in hand for the first time and a Sword Wielder was the most practical and favorable choice. My admiration for the Fire Emblem games and the works of a manga artist by the name of Yusuke Kozaki (No More Heroes, Speedgrapher) who’s taken part in designing characters for several games in the series is what inspired me to cosplay Chrom, every character in FE: Awakening is aesthetically appealing in terms of their design and roles they play in story and this character is a great example of that altogether.

Granted I was anxious about at first but it was then that I wanted to hold it in high regard about what does game mean to me both from an Artistic Standpoint and the fundamentals I’ve experienced when playing it, not just a Black Cosplayer but as a Cosplayer looking to share the love I have for a game that for many happen to be one the best so far.

The cosplay was all store bought but had to make various alterations to fit me and as well as to have its own unique flair, felt like it needed to have an appearance of someone who’s showing the wear and tear as proof, a badge of honor for being so well-oriented in battle while keeping the neat and Regal-like design in place.

Art comes in many forms and Cosplay is one of them, the fun in that comes from sharing your own interpretation of what that means with others regardless Ethnicity or Nationality.

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