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Cosplay Stories : Lio from Promare : sleepiboicos

My trip to Katsucon almost didn’t happen! It was snowing in Chicago and they cancelled my flight, I found out right in the middle of class and my students started to cheer me on to get a new flight. I was supposed to fly out Thursday morning but I ended up flying on Wednesday night after we got delayed a few times.

Luckily the people I was rooming with were already there, got there right at midnight and was ready to Shoot Lio the next day at noon. That was the last con I have been to since Covid-19 if I had known that would happen, I would have stayed the extra day! So my two pieces of advice is; take that extra day with your long-distance friends and even if something is hard, keep trying! 

People LOVED Lio at Katsu, I was so happy! I worked really hard on it, they really loved the holographic pieces of my costume. I did end up changing those parts when I returned home, they were falling off left and right. I think the most interesting thing at Katsu was ripping my pants seam in the middle of a photo shoot. I was jumping into Kit’s arms for a photo and went a little too hard for how tight my pants were.

A lot of hard work, sweat and tears [went into making the outfit]. I had my friend Tiffany from Holicmode designs helping me figure out how to pattern a custom piece to my measurements, not only that but they gave me a ton of advice for using the materials! One of the hardest things was getting the fabric, it was sold out almost everywhere. I made a mock-up and now the actual outfit twice to make adjustments.

My name is Roo and I have been cosplaying for over 8 years now but most of my growth has happened during the past few years. I am a full-time middle school teacher. Cosplay has given me much more confidence than I ever thought was possible, it also has led me to meeting the most amazing people. Without cosplay, I probably wouldn’t have as many amazing friends in my life.

Lio from Promare : sleepiboicos // Photo: marlo.louden

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