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What I learn and did in 2020

Over the last few years, I have set myself challenges to improve my photography skills and in 2020 I wrote this article and I’ll try and go over what I tried to do in 2020.


The general theme of the photography skills I wanted to gain was to tell a better story in my photos, gain more experience using flash photography with such equipment light gun, stand, reflectors, etc. Also wanted to gain experience using photography studios, as I’ve started to enjoy using photography studio, where in the past, I’ve not enjoyed as I would perceive was a restrictive environment and also making sure the setting on the camera was correct was an important factor.

I was all set to go, organising photoshoots with people whom I knew, planning ahead for comic con and my schedule for MCM London. I had attended one studio shoot for my other photography branding, which you can view them here.

Then the pandemic happened and like everyone, it just threw a lot of plans out of the window. With what I had wanted to plan for myself I just couldn’t, being told to stay at home, to help protect the vulnerable and the National Health Service.

When things calm down, it was important to get some of my photography skills back out there again, as I feared some of my skills would have dulled. Between my two brands, I was able to do some photoshoots and here are some sample of work I was able to do.

Other Photography Projects

I’ve always wanted to revisit, older photos I’ve previoously edited and see if my years of photography and editing have improved. So with the lack of photoshoots, I decided select a few photos I’ve taken in 2015 and 2016. I would not have the original edit photo for guidance so that I can start witha fresh idea on how to edit and update each image.

I get constantly told that my photo has improved over the years but as I am constantly looking at my work, it can be hard to see this improvement. But this project, how shown me the comparison between the two photos of old and new.

Here is a selection of photos which I’ve re-edited in 2020.

If you want to see the whole collection of re-edited photos, you can visit

New beginnings – Podcasting

Another project I wanted to startup was podcasting, and when I had free time at my disposal, I felt it was time to launch my podcast series.

I decided that since there was no comic con, that my podcast series would be cosplay, comic con related as well as other topics. I’ve had a great time recording and publishing podcasts in 2020. I’ve covered so many topics from talking about MCM London, Mental Health, Editing and Filters, Body Positivity, Comic-Con Vs Covid-19 in 2021 and many more.

Should you want to listen to any previous episodes, please visit where there are 30 episodes and growing week by week where I’ll continue to record more in 2021.

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