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Improving myself in 2020

Every year, I set myself a yearly challenge to help myself improve my photography so my skills doesn’t plateau or show no signs of improving. There is always something new in both cosplay and photography that can be learned each year.

Here are some of the key aspect I want to focus on this year.

Better Pose to better Story Tell

I always admire the work of my good friend Anna S Photography where she “Story tells” in her photos.

I’m going to make sure at Comic-Con Events that one photo from the shoot, I attempt to create a photo which tells a story like this.

Lights, Lights, Lights

I’ve recently started using more lights in my photography. They are only constant light stick but they have been useful in some shots I took towards the end of 2019.

I’m going to start saving up money to buy a proper outdoor light rig (Light Flash, modifiers and stand) for those more planned shoots at Comic-Con events or locations shoots. For those more portable situation, might consider carrying two light sticks for greater effect.

More Location & Studio shoots

Linking to the previous aspect, I want to do more location shoots both cosplay and fashion shoot. I’ve started venturing out into different areas of photography with my other photography brand, AitchKayCee.

I feel like I should have promoted myself more for more location shoots over last year. I am going to share more photos I did shoot on locations last year and remind people I can be hired for location shoots.

I also want to shoot in studios this year. I was fortunate enough to have shot photos Montrose Studio in Manchester and it was amazing. Just everything what I needed to learn and use at this studio. I hope to improve my skills in a studio environment.

Please keep feeling me on my social media pages to keep tabs on my progress throughout the year and also keep an eye out for booking opportunity throughout the year.

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