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Re-Edit : Zatanna by distractogirl

Continuing looking into the photo folders I’ve taken over the years, I thought I would re-edit this photo of distractogirl as the famous Zatanna from the Batman franchise.

Zatanna is both a stage magician and an actual magician, like her father Giovanni “John” Zatara. As such she has many of her father’s powers relating to magic, typically controlled by speaking the words of her incantations spelled backwards.

I started with the basic changes I always do, by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, HSL, and etc. Throughout this project of re-editing my older photos, I do not refer to the original edited the photo so I can see if I would make the same steps or make alternative decisions.

As you can see, the first thing I did was crop the photo to the Instagram ratio 1:1 as it then cuts away the extra background and helps focus more on the cosplayer.

After skin smoothing and adding additional contouring, I felt the image was good enough. It’s interesting to see the 2015 photo the image seem to be very similar compared to the 2020 edited photo. I am very proud of both photos.

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