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Re-Edit : Black and White Harley Quinn by Raven Quinzel

This weeks, re-edit photo comes courtesy of Raven Quinzel as not just your standard Harley Quinn, but a Black and White version.

This version of Harley Quinn is based off the a series released by DC Collectibles where they take some of their classic characters and changes the colours to black and white.

As usually I start with the base RAW image and colour correct the image, changing the exposure, contrast, highlight, etc, there is a purple haze that is caused by the bright sunlight shining off the white material of the costume. This was easily removed with the tools in the photo editing software.

The next thing I did was remove the distraction marks in the background. Also, there is a small crease in the costume near the belly button area which I took the liquify tool and “decreased” that part of the costume.

I then started to clean up the domino mask, removing the white paint marks on the mask and darken the mask, make it appear more black.

Finally, I smooth and contoured the face. Contouring the face on white, was not easily, as the technique I use, takes a sample of the area, and I needed to use a darker hue of it. But using white, I didn’t want to have a total “black” contour mark on Raven, so had to be careful how I added the contouring to her makeup.

I’ve included a slider to compare the two photos together so you can see for yourself the change between the photo edited in 2015 and now in 2020.

2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2015 Edit
2015 Edit
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