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Behind the Lens: 2nd Law Photography

I always find myself interested in how photographers and cosplayers choose their business names and what they mean. My initial reaction to 2nd Law Photography was the album of the same name and while this is indeed a factor, I’ve discovered it relates to the second law of thermodynamics (in short, entropy never decreases through natural change), which is even cooler! 2nd Law takes this theory and truly seems to apply it to his work, creating intense images through chaotic means.

Beau Peep Cosplay and Terry Daedric Cosplay as Daedric Armour from Skyrim

Age: over 40!

Location: Essex

Favourite food: Thai

Brecon Beacons

How long have you been doing photography? What first inspired you to start?

When I left school I worked in print industry as a retoucher so I’d had some knowledge of Photoshop, but about eight years ago I purchased a DSLR camera. I love being outdoors and exploring so wanted to keep memories of the places I visited. About 6 years ago I attended my first con and got hooked on cosplay photography!

What was your first camera and how does it compare to what you have now? Do you have a dream camera or lens?

My first decent camera was a Nikon D90. I’m still very much limited on budget as any spare money seems to go elsewhere but I’m currently using a Nikon D5600 and Sony a6000. My next level up would be a Nikon D810 but can dream of getting a D5 at some point in the future!

Mumma Baby Doll as Silent Hill Nurse

What has been your most challenging or rewarding shoot? How did you achieve your results?

I met some guys who wanted to do a Tom Clancy’s “The Division” shoot as they knew I was really into the game! This was great but I really wish we had more time to prep and plan, but it was all a bit last minute as we were unsure on numbers. We ventured into the car park at ExCel and made use of a dumping area. Some of the shots came out really well and have been featured on Ubisoft sites and state of the game livestreams.

Make Me Cosplay as agents from The Division

Do you have a dream shoot you’d like to do one day? Imagining there are no limits on location, lighting, etc.

Yes, a few but I will give you a couple. I would love to go to Iceland as the scenery looks stunning and I do have some Icelandic heritage! Also some of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland and Croatia are on my list. Obviously even better if I can do so with cosplayers!

If you could give any advice to new photographers, what would it be?

Take photos of what interests you and the things you like. This includes the people you shoot with as it is always nice to meet up with people that like your work and appreciate the results. If you’re shooting cosplay then try to show off the hard work and effort they have put into their cosplay!

Bluejam77 Cosplay as a Fallout Raider
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