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Behind the Lens: Catberry Photography

If you follow our Cosplayer of the Week feature (if not, you should!) you will probably already be familiar with the name of Catberry Photography, due to how many of our wonderful cosplayers have chosen their photos to feature in their articles. Catberry’s style is so refreshingly different from what you see from a lot of cosplay photographers, employing gritty tones and muted colours rather than bursts of intensity – and the results are stunning! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves below.

Ginshi Cos as Deku

Age: 28

Location: London

Favourite food: cakes

How long have you been doing photography for? What first inspired you to start?

I got my first DSLR when I was 14 and I haven’t stopped shooting since. I first started photography as a side business, professionally 3 years ago. I didn’t think I would follow my passion into a job, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by very supportive people and clients who were happy to hire me for my work. I think I’ve always been an artist at heart, I always liked arts since I was a kid and found inspiration everywhere. Once I get an idea in my head I just need to make it a reality. I’m a huge gamer and nerd in general, so shooting cosplay seemed like a natural merge of all my hobbies together. I love working with cosplayers to bring their costumes and characters to life.

Lillybet Rose as Bowsette

What was your first camera and how does it compare to what you have now? Do you have a dream camera or lens you’d like to get one day?

My very first camera was a Canon Rebel series and I loved it. My first lens was the classic 50mm f1.8 and it changed the whole game for me. Right now, I have a Nikon D810 and I’m quite happy with it, but if I was to buy a new camera right now and budget was not a factor, I’d get a Leica M series camera. Unfortunately, that’s a piece of beauty few can afford! All that said, I don’t think the tech you have matters, unless you want to achieve something quite technical, like for me for example it’s very important that the low light performance and dynamic range are great, because I shoot a lot of neons and low light environments. But if you want to shoot standard studio or daylight natural photos, I reckon you can get amazing results even with that Canon Rebel from 15 years ago.

Asuka as Nier 2B

What has been your most challenging shoot to date? How did you achieve the results?

My very first neon shoot. It was the first time I shot in neons and low light, also the first time working directly with a professional model and a designer. There was a lot of pressure but also a lot of inspiration and art minds being brought together. It made me realise and appreciate the value of team work and made me want to sit back on my ass and learn a lot more technical photography and light. There is nothing more frustrating than having a clear image in your head of what you want the final image to look like, but lack the knowledge to make it look that way.

Telie Rose

Do you have a dream concept for a shoot? Imagine there’s no limits on lighting, subject, location, etc.

The dream is to have my own studio of neons. Think God’s Own Junkyard, but in my house! I also love shooting on super cool locations. One of my favourites is the Alexandra Palace Estate in London. It’s got super brutalist architecture, it’s very unique and very photogenic in a lot of ways. I appreciate unique architecture a lot and would love to experiment with that more in my photography.

Do you have any advice for new photographers?

That’s a tough one, that’s my least favourite question! I’d like to think I can give advice, but at the same time I truly believe that art in any form is about self discovery and knowing how your brain works. It’s different for everyone. Understanding how you work best is the first step to improving. The second is just keep shooting, keep editing, keep improving and keep getting inspired.

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