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Behind the Lens: GAK Photography

I first met GAK Photography through a mutual convention friend a few years ago, and since then he has easily become one of my favourite convention photographers to work with. Gary stands out among photographers in that he’s not afraid to use flashes in natural light settings, either to simply bend the light to his will or to give the photo an entirely new feel to it. Despite all this, he still frequently underestimates the quality of his work. Check out the photos below and see for yourself.

Alicias Alias as Gwen Stacy

Age: 37

Location: Clydebank, Glasgow

Favourite food: a pretty tasty burger

How long have you been doing photography for? What first inspired you to start?

I’ve been doing photography June/July 2013. I’d always enjoyed taking photos on small compact cameras and always had an interest in taking it further. I found myself with a little extra cash that summer so just decided to jump in and buy an entry level DSLR. A few of my close friends were into photography, I’d picked up enough to know what I was looking for. From there I just read books and taught myself how to use it.

Clown Baby as Daryl Dixon

What was your first camera and how does it compare to what you’re using now? Do you have a dream camera or lens you’d like to save up for?

My first camera was a Canon 1100D which I only had for about 8 months before trading up to the 70D which was more mid-range. It has a much higher megapixel count so it captures more detail, the screen isn’t fixed so it can help getting some shots at really low angles, etc. It also has a RAW editor on camera so I can start editing images before I even get to my PC, which can be pretty helpful. I’d love to get a Canon 5D Mark IV.

Little Miss Fee as Princess Leia

What has been your most complex or rewarding shoot to date? How did you achieve it?

My most rewarding shoot has probably been one of my least complex. I travelled down to Kent last summer to shoot GingerSnap. We were shooting Aloy in the woods with natural low light and no tripod, the images there were great. Along with using light rays through the trees, and had the aid of Twisted Reality Arts helping to mess around with flashes. All that was pretty rewarding.

GingerSnap as Aloy

Do you have a dream shoot you’d like to do one day?

I’ve a list of shoots, but the top of that list would be a Noir shoot. I love the look and feel of the genre. I’ve been planning the shoot concept for a while so hopefully I can make that happen in the near future.

Do you have any advice for new photographers?

I’d say don’t be afraid to experiment, just have fun with it and try new things. It doesn’t all work out, but you might find a lot of cool stuff that does.

Castle Corsetry as Claire Fraser
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