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Cosplayer of the Week: The Road to Cosplay

It seems that “chameleon” is becoming a recurring theme in our Cosplayer of the Week features, and The Road to Cosplay is no exception to the rule. Having recently started taking prop commissions, there seems to be little this South of England cosplayer can’t do if she puts her mind to it.

Weapon X Wolverine
Photo by Gallagher Photography

Age: 22

Location: Kent, UK

Favourite food: Jack Daniels BBQ ribs

Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

What’s your favourite part of the costume making process?

When the costume resembles the real thing. Usually when the worbla goes on.

Your costumes are all rather complex, but what would you say is your most complicated character to date?

I’m going to go with my Disney Broadway Beast, due to the fact that I was literally trapped inside a bodysuit with lots of attachments added to it, plus 3 hours of make up!

Broadway Beast
Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

You do quite a lot of performances with your costumes, what tips would you give to cosplayers looking to perform for the first time?

If you’re really nervous but want to go on stage, go for it! There’s plenty of small informal contests to take part in (the masquerade at LFCC is a good one to start with) to build up confidence by just doing a few poses on a small stage. But if you’re ready to do a performance for a big audience, then feel free to go all out when planning a skit. Audiences love anything from dramatic to emotional to downright silly. It can be very nerve-wracking backstage when you’re about to go on, but there’s lots of other cosplayers supporting each other and the staff look after you. Feel free to chat with the other contestants and get advice from the “veterans”. What I do each time is I take a few deep breaths and get myself into character just before it’s my turn. Works every time! And of course, the main thing is to just have fun with your time on stage. Once you’re finished you’ll be glad you had the guts to overcome stage fright and do it!

Khal Drogo
Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork

What’s the hardest technique you’ve had to learn to achieve a finished costume?

Learning how to cast properly. The only real education I’ve had for costume making was a 4 day course in which I learnt how to cast plaster. After that I had to teach myself how to use silicones and resins to make my prosthetics, as well as making casts of my face and hands to sculpt on them. I’m still in the learning process of painting and finishing silicone so my prosthetics look more lifelike. I even had to make my own hair punching tools to make eyebrows!

Photo by Simply Photography

Do you have a dream cosplay you’re working towards?

I’m hoping to one day qualify for an international championship, and a character that I’d love to make for that would be Kratos from God of War 3.

Photo by Gallagher Photography

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