Personal account of not comparing and comparing

I am sure we have all have said “oh, I don’t compare myself to others”, but we all have done it in some way, comparing your own work to others no matter if you are a cosplayer, photographer, videographer, seamstress, a potter, painter, all walks of life.

I’ve always wondered if this is a good thing to do comparing yourself to others? For myself I am always on the lookout on how other photographers take photos and edit them. I’m constantly asking the opinion and help from my good friend Anna for advice, as I find our work is of similar style and always looking to her work for inspiration.

I think the word inspiration is what I am doing comparing myself to others. It’s not to make myself better, rubbish others peoples work, moan to others how they do something I don’t. I do it more to make sure my skills are improving, open up new avenues of skills that I never thought of and lastly be inspired about what are the possibilities can be done with a camera. I’m sure these sentiments are shared amongst other hobbyist and professionals.

I never want to be in a position where I am happy with the skills I have and then being overtaken by others who are more eager and determined then me.

There isn’t essentially nothing bad about comparing yourself work to others, just make sure it’s for positive reasons.

Let me know if you share my thoughts about this subject or let me know if there is any subject you’d like me to write about.

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