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My aims for 2022

Wow, 2020 just felt like it lasted so long…

I feel like I haven’t done one in a while as we all know the last two years have been such a dumpster fire.

I haven’t really thought about what I really want to improve about myself this year even though I have been thinking about it for many months. I think mainly because I don’t really have the time I used to have with my current job and the enjoyment I have from podcasting. I think that’s why this year I’m going to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media. I will try and schedule as much as I can through my website. 

I think what I want to do is shoot more photos on locations, away from a comic con environment. I would love to get back to either travelling around the country and shooting photos with models or they come to London and we find a location to shoot photos in. As always, I don’t have any criteria for what I want to shoot. As long as you have an idea or project and we discuss what you want from the shoot, I’ll happily jump on board the project. I want to be pushed with what I think I can do and try something different either within my camera or post-editing. 

To that extent, if you’re inspired to shoot photos with me, please do drop a message through this website or via DM’s on my social media pages. Here are some examples of recent photos I’ve taken on location from both my photography brand of Food and Cosplay and Aitchkaycee

I already have a few projects I have in mind that I’m going to pursue, so do watch this space and my social media just in case I host a live stream at these projects. 

One other thing which I keep saying each year but feel that this year will be more feasible to do is to buy battery operated lights and learn to use them. As always, the cost was the main factor in previous years to why I never really got into flash photography. This should I’m going to save up, but a set of lights, remotes and defusers. Once they are in my possession, I’ll love to offer a session with someone to help me test my lights with them and improve my photography that way. 

I hope these are achievable aims for this year. I do hope that you reading this you’ll help me with my targets for the year. 

Let me know in the comments below what your aims are for the year to come. 

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