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New Years Message for 2022

New year, new content….(I hope)

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to 2022 and what it holds for us. 

The first thing I want to mention is the new logos and banners I’ve updated throughout our social media pages. It’s been two years since I last updated them as I like to use the previous year’s work and merge them into my logos and banners but 2020 didn’t yield much work so decided to give it a miss until I had more photos in a year to pick from and 2021 I was about to build a collection of photos to use. I’ve listed below I’m each image who’s in each logo and banner. 

The next thing I want to mention is that I’ve decided to reduce what I do on our social pages. I’ve decided to reduce where we share other people’s photos to Twitter and also on our “Cosplay We Like” feature on the website. I’ve made this decision to give myself more time to concentrate on other projects and also our other place where we share cosplay is Facebook and notice such a reduction in engagement when we share other people’s photos compared to other social media pages. 

Comic-con events I am planning on going will be limited with how the world is currently. I think I’ll only be going to travel outside the UK once to attend the postponed event, Viencon in the Netherlands and that’s if I can get the time off work. Here is the list of events I hope to attend in 2022. Please note

If there are any events I should be attending do let me know, I love to explore other events in the UK. 

I do want to extend the invitation to work with people outside of comic con and shoot on location. I would love to try and do more location shoots and try out new ideas so if you have a project please let me know so we can discuss it. As much as I ask cosplayers/models to shoot with me, there are moments I do like to be surprised with what projects people want photos for. 

The last thing I want to mention is that this is my tenth year as “Food and Cosplay” and though I’m not going to do anything to celebrate this occasion, it’s been such fun being this person, ranking people’s photos, sharing their work via my social media pages and meeting so many people. Being a photographer isn’t a cheap hobby nor is running a website but it’s giving me such a creative outlet throughout the years and I’ve enjoyed every moment through it. Not too sure if what the future holds but what it is, I’m sure it will be a very “Eddie” thing to do. 

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