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Closing down for 2021

Just letting people know as of December 2021 that Food and Cosplay will go into hiatus.

It’s been such a rollercoaster of a year. Technically in my mind, we are month 23/24 into 2020, we still haven’t had a chance to finish that year. 

I’m still going to be releasing Podcasts over the month of December so do keep an eye out for my episodes, every Wednesday where my guests discuss cosplay/comic con topics or review pop culture shows.

I want to say, I’m be using this downtime to catch up on all the photos I’ve taken from the summer to now. I can’t wait to share photos I’ve taken such as EGX, Meanwhile Festival, MCM London/Birmingham, various locations such as the water task shoot, Shang-Chi shoot and period cosplay shoot and much more. 

I’ll still be on Twitter sharing cosplay photos, and the odd personal posts as well my Instagram stories where I might do a few live streams from it. 

I wish everyone a lovely holiday to all who celebrate the Christmas holidays and also the New Year celebrations. I hope 2022 is a lot kinder to all of us and also kinder to each other.

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