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Post Comic Con Etiquette (What to do when you receive your photos)

With comic-con London just finished I feel the need to write this article as I’ll know a few cosplayers who don’t know or realise what to do when cosplayers receive your photos back from photographers. I’m hoping this will help both cosplayers and photographers. 

First of all, for the love that is all holy to the cosplay gods, do not edit the photos that you didn’t take yourself or add an Instagram filter over them. You have no idea what it feels like to pour time into a photo making into the style and look they think brings out the best in the photographer as well as the cosplayer, for someone to make changes that go against the initial vision. If there is something about the photo you don’t like or want to change, don’t ask as the cosplayer can make the changes but ask if the photographer is willing to make the changes first. That way, you give the photographer a chance to rectify the photo as the photographer might not know or notice initially.

Don’t forget to credit people involved when posting photos. Everyone wants to be credited for the hard work they put into the photo. Also, it helps drive exposure to others who might want to work with the cosplayer, photographer, prop maker, cosplay seamstress, etc. I know it’s not possible to credit all involved but do your best. 

If you liked the photos you got back or enjoyed working with a cosplayer, do consider following them on social media, let them know you enjoyed your time working with each other. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are attending another comic con and see about booking their time for her next event. Everyone will have different comfort levels so if they aren’t being too responsive or don’t respond, don’t take it as negative feedback, you don’t know if they are busy and get lots of responses to get through or other situations which prevent them from responding back. 

Maybe you’re in a position that you have got your photos back from a photographer, first of all not all photographers work at the same rate as others. Do first give a photographer time to go through the photos and process and edit photos. Personally, if you haven’t seen any photos from a photographer for over a month, just drop a courtesy message inquiring if they’ve had a chance to edit the photos. Many comic con photographers have day jobs so do all edits within their own personal time. 

I hope some of these points have been insightful. If there are some I have missed out on, please feel free to comment below any tips you have. 

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