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Life Update : RIP Laptop

I haven’t given a life update to my situation in a few months so I just wanted to let people know about this one incident.

At the beginning of August I just finished a project from a studio shoot I did in Southampton for my other photography branding I have, and as soon as I started to sort through the next project which was my time at Tank Space, my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet laptop, decided to die on me. One of the worst things which could happen to a photographer besides something happening to their camera. I have taken my laptop to be looked up to be fixed but the diagnosis was that it was not worth even taking apart to fix it. 

I will say, no real data has been lost. My photos have all been backed up on either harddrive, online or still on the SD cards as I only format my SD cards once the photos have been edited and uploaded online. But the settings I have for the software I use such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are most certainly going. 

Thus far, I haven’t replaced my laptop immediately as the tablet-laptop series I wanted, I suspected it was due for a refresh in hardware and design in the coming weeks so I’m waiting till the end of October 2021 to get my new device. Also, I decided I wasn’t going to do a gofundme page for my laptop as doing it once for my lens was something I had to be convinced to do. I did get a few comments telling me I was wrong for setting up a gofundme for my own equipment. Another reason is the current economics the world is in now with the pandemic as people are still watching where their money goes like needing to put food on the table. 

I’m fortunate enough today that I have saved up money that was meant for something else but now I can go buy this new laptop which I’m excited to get. 

But as I’ve waited this long to get a new laptop, I’ve got such a backlog of photos that I need to start editing once my laptop has been set up and ready to go. 

I have been enjoying my time away from editing photos as at times editing can be a routine process and unless I’m inspired to try something different technique or have an idea on how I was to edit a particular photo, I tend to edit photos in the way which my brain requires excitement or distractions from time to time. 

Despite what I just said, I am looking forward to actually getting back to editing all the photos I have taken cause I have taken some brilliant photos over the last few months which I love to share with everyone.

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