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Feature : Post-Lockdown London Photoshoots

With the UK Government announcing their roadmap to reopening up the country and stages on when we can meet and mix with other people, I thought now is a great time to also set out my plans for photo shooting in the coming months.

Come April and May, I would want to be shooting photos during these months and I won’t be charging during these dates. I can only really shoot at weekends but should you want to shoot in central London in the evenings during the weekdays, that can be discussed.

Here are some of the precautions I’ll be implementing.

  • I’ll be carrying hand wipes/gel and anti-bacterial wipes to wipe surfaces. A non-invasive temperature check will be taken before any shoot begins.
  • Photos will be taken at a safe distance as recommended at the time of the shoot.
  • Any preview from the back of the camera will be seen at a distance.
  • I’ll be wearing a mask at all times during the shoot.
  • For the time being no indoor shoots will be consider until the rules allow it.
  • Any signs of illness regardless if it relates to Covid-19, you’ll need to inform so we can postpone and rearrange the date. (This goes for me as well)
  • All person(s) attending the shooting must have the NHS Test And Trace App installed and working.

Though travel isn’t seen to be restricted from 12th April, if I can be kept local that would be beneficial for the both of us but if you are reading this and outside of London, please do contact me, as we may not be able to shoot during these relaxed restrictions, later in the year, hopefully we can shoot then.

If you have any questions or would like to shoot with me, please do drop me a message on any of my social media site or via the Contact Us page here on the website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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