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Feature : Share a cosplay which best represents how 2020 went for you

On our Facebook page, we posted this fun post on 6th January 2021. We wanted to see how everyone responded to this question.

We selected some of the submissions that were posted on our facebook page. We will include the image, person who uploaded it as we as any text with came with the image.

Colin Brookes – “Battered and bruised but still here”
Katy Pi
Chris Gidman – “Just sitting at home watching nothing happen everyday pretty much”
Austyn King – “Feelin blue”
Jill Fjeldgaard – “I think my Orville, Animal crossing new horizons lockdown cosplay from 2020 explains my year the best šŸ˜‚”
Alex Rose Dyer

Should you want to get involved on this, you post your photo on our Facebook or Twitter post.

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