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“I’m Retiring….”

Sorry for the clickbait title. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about during these “unprecedented” times and just want to express thoughts I’ve been having over the last few weeks.

This thought came to me while I was chatting on one of my podcast and talked about how long I’ve been going to comic con for. For the record, I have been going comic con since 2004 from my university days. I went with friends at the start and I kept on going after I finished university.

I started the brand Food And Cosplay from 2012 picking up the camera to every comic con I visited. I took up photography as I see so many cosplay photos on Tumblr (*yes I know I am old), and thought, “I can do that, it can’t be that hard”. I now fell in the trap of falling in love with comic cons, cosplays and photography, a hobby which plunged me into spending money on something I love.

What prompted me to think about my future during the podcast, was saying that I have been running FnC for 8 years and then thought…”how long can I keep doing this?”. I joke that when the 10-year mark comes, that is when I’ll stop all of this as that’s a good amount of my life devoted to cosplay, not just taking photos, but also editing photos, sharing cosplay photos on social media, running a website, writing up articles, running theme days on Facebook and running a podcast.

I want to start a family soon and I know plenty of people who are married, with children that still keep on going to comic con events, but I also know plenty who decides to take a break or even give up cosplay. I don’t know if I want to carry on FnC if/when I do start a family, I don’t know if I can easily devote and share my time between my day job, running FnC and family life. It’s a question I will have to decide if/when I start a family.

Even if I don’t have a family, it is a subject which does play on my mind and I do know how there is a group of people who look forward to seeing me at comic con, working with me and just love having a laugh with me. This is what keeps me going with FnC and I get so excited about going to a comic con event. It’s not a decision I am making no.

I really do wish I can say that I will be running FnC “forever, to the end of time”, but all good things need to come to an end soon. Currently, I am enjoying producing podcasts to help expand the FnC brand network, and rediscovering old photos and re-editing them. I will this year and 2021 will still be about with my camera, my views on cosplay and everything else. As for 2022 onwards…only time will tell.

Thank you for reading this post. Sorry if I mislead you to reading this post.

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