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My 2020 So Far

I am sure most people’s 2020 will relate to this gif below on how the year is going.

So, what I would usually do around this time is a review of the skills I wanted to improve on this year. But as many people are experiencing, COVID-19 put a stop to a lot of people’s plans, such as comic-con events, cosplay shoots, travelling around the world, seeing friends, etc.

I have written over the months the difficulty I handle during lockdown and being isolated from everyone, rediscovering old photos and re-editing them, creating a podcast series involving people from the cosplay community and giving them a stage to share their opinion on a subject.

But during this crazy year, we are living through, I was able to do a few photoshoots for both this brand and also my other alternative branding I have. I just thought I share some of the photos I was able to take this year. I shot with Bekzxx in her Spider-Gwen and also Poison Ivy cosplays which I can’t wait to share with you guys as we got some great photos. Also, I got to shot with this amazing alternative model called, Miss RamonaJones who has really helped me get back in the photography game.

If you like to see more of my alternative work which isn’t cosplay related, you can find it at As always, I really appreciate that you guys share any of the work I upload, should it be photos or articles on this website, posts on Instagram or Twitter, or even the podcast series we release every Wednesday.

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