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Shooting on-location during Covid-19

In late July I travelled to see and shoot with Bekzxxx Cosplay to photograph some of her cosplays shes been showing off in her TikTok Channel during lockdown. I thought I would give people insight into how that photoshoot went.

Before I started offering to do photoshoots during these unprecedented times, I decided to write up and update my shooting practices, so that I was doing everything I can do to instil confidence with anyone wanting to shoot with me in these times. You can view my updated practice via this link. Here are some of the practices I’ll be using.

  • Photos will be taken at a safe distance as recommended at the time of the shoot
  • I’ll be wearing a mask for any indoor shoots
  • Any shoots which need to be shot indoors will need to be discussed first

When I first spoke to Bekz asking if we could shoot together and her response was to wait a bit when social distancing was relaxed and the country “appeared” safer to go outside to shoot, which was absolutely fine as I wanted to make sure, Bekz was as close to 100% feeling safe to shoot photos with me regardless if we shot indoors or outdoors.

When I arrived, I made sure I was masked up before I approached her home, I washed my hands when I steps indoors, and then stay in one spot of her home so it was easier for Bekz to disinfect her home after I left. I was carrying anti-bactieria hand wipes ready to wipe down areas. I washed my hands at every opportunity to wash away any viruses or bateria I might have picked up.

During the shoot, we had to take my car to locations, take photos of her cosplays. Again, I kept my mask on while driving but will admit, once we were outdoors, I took off my mask. By taking off my mask, I did keep my distance from Bekz so that if I was asymptomatic, I would not be infecting her.

It was so aware during the shoot that how much I was trying to keep my distance from Bekx, making sure I didn’t make physical contact like handshakes, if there was a pose which needed slight tweaking, I would have to verbalise what needed to change. It was an odd experience keeping social distancing during the shoot and hopefully didn’t dimmish how I would usually conduct a photoshoot pre-pandemic.

I’ll certainly enjoyed being back out in the wild taking photos but i won’t lie, being extra cautious about what I am doing, where I am, making sure Bekz was ok during the day. Doing a photoshoot during these time is possible, if everyone respect the social distancing rules.

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