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Have virtual comic con worked for you?

I posed this question on our Facebook page to see how people who attended these virtual comic cons if they enjoyed it. I wanted to see if people found them a good substitute for the real deal or that it didn’t meet people expectations.

Here are some of the views that were left on our Facebook page.

I watched a lot of the panels from VirtuCon, which I found to be a really enjoyable experience.

Vicky Wood

Yeah I really enjoy the online panels. Online signings are a great way to support cons & actors too until things can get back to normal

Jemz Thomson

I’ve attended one and it was fun! It’s nice to have when I can’t go to a physical one

Justine Gifford

We at @geek_asylum loved hosting ours and had some great feedback from guests, attendees and traders alike!! We raised £2,000 for charity and considering doing it again for the end of the year!


No, because it’s the human natural interactions that I love from comic cons. People discovering my artwork and just the whole vibe of a convention! Love it.

Helen Simm

If you want to add your comments about virtual comic con, you can via our Facebook or our Twitter pages.

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