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Why is there an FnC Podcast and what is it about?

As some of you have seen since June 2020, I have started a podcast series where I chat with different cosplay guests over various different subjects both relating to the Cosplay Community and everything else.

Why I’m Making a Podcast

For many years listening to various podcasts such as No Such Thing as a Fish, Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Grand Prix Podcast, The Good Place Podcasts, Fake Doctors, Real Friends, The Great Derelict and many more, I found myself wanting to start up a podcast series.

I was debating how I would conduct these podcasts. I wanted to have the style of a very easy, relaxing podcast, didn’t want to be a strict Q&A for each podcast. I wanted them to feel like they are fun to be on, chat with and listen to.

I should I made these podcast in 2018 when I was a year away from work, but now I have free time to be more productive, I felt this was the time to begin my podcast series.

Why the different guests?

While listening to all the podcast I mentioned before, I knew I didn’t want to be having a podcast just me talking all the way through, so I wanted to always have at least one guest to appear on the podcast. I like hearing and bouncing ideas off our guests and hearing their views.

There maybe podcasts where it just me presenting a topic all by myself but I’ll make sure it’s a fun podcast to listen if it’s just me talking.

What do we talk about?

As we a Cosplay page, I felt it should be cosplay related topics we discuss. So far, previous titles we have talked about have been…

But I didn’t want to restrict myself to only talking about cosplay topics. I wanted to have the freedom to talk about other subjects such as…

I want to talk about subjects that I feel that others can learn from or relate to whilst you maybe driving to work, exercising, cooking, sewing, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, etc.

How Can I Get Involved or Support the Podcast

If you think there is a topic that we should talk or discuss, please let me know via a DM on my social media pages or via the Contact Page on this website.

Creating these podcasts do come with a small charge to host them and then distributed onto podcast networks, such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Also, I have already upgraded my microphone for better audio quality, for you listening pleasure.

Should you wish to contribute and help support the podcast, if you head to our Patreon page, you can donate as much or as little, starting at $2.

I might in the future, set up a Patreon Tier where there will be extra content to the podcast you hear each week.

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