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Feature : Madeyewlook on TikTok

With the TikTok craze sweeping the world, more and more creators are using this platform to either extend their current content or create some exclusive content for TikTok.

We are going to highlight Madeyewlook as she’s been amazing with her makeup skills and her YouTube channel is great, especially good for picking up makeup tips for your next cosplay.

But her TikTok channel are just great for those quick videos of her talents as a makeup and bodyart artist. Here some of her videos she’s create for TikTok.


I’ll take ya to the candy shop 🍭 Body paint took about 3 hours! 🍭 Music: Candy Shop @ S A M Y #foryoupage#candyshop#fyp#bodypaint#ringlight#makeup

♬ original sound – madeyewlooklex

Don’t forget to follow her also on her other social media platforms.

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