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What’s in my bag

I thought I would go through what I carry on my back whenever I go to a Comic-Con event or do a location shoot.

My Backpack

Let’s start with the backpack itself. The backpack is from a brand I come to trust. That brand is Peak Design. They are a company based in San Fransico, which make photography equipment, designed by enthusiastic photographers who know what photographers want.

The Everyday Backpack is great as it has four compartments to store your camera and any accessories I want to bring with me. It also has a back compartment to store my laptop. The backpack is “side loading” as well as a “top lid” opening for one of the four main compartments. The side-loading flaps, also have compartments that carry things such as memory cards, batteries, lens caps, and any small objects.

I’ve always loved having a backpack to carry my equipment. I did initially bought their messenger bag but the style of the bag didn’t suit me. The versatility of the backpack allows me to change the layout should I carry more or different equipment in my backpack.

Camera and Lens

What I keep in the main compartment are my camera and lenses. The camera I use is a Canon 6D (first generation) which I’ve had since 2015. I primarily have three lenses which are,

For a lot of my photography life, I’ve used my 50mm lens a lot of the time. There would be moments where I would only use my 50mm lens for the whole event/shoot. But after a friend lent me their 70-200mm lens, I loved how it worked and the type of photos it produced so had to get myself own one.

I would like to say, thank you to all who have contributed to helping me replaced my 70-200mm lens after I dropped mine at NYCC last year. It means a lot to me that you want to help support me. I can keep continuing to produce some excellent photos.


Late in 2019 I started carrying two lights sticks for those times when there is absent of natural light or just need an extra lift of light.

They have been really useful for me to understand how artificial light behaves when taking photos and how to create interesting shapes. It’s a technique I wish to explore more this coming year.


Recently purchased a Kickstarter product by Peak Design which I am hoping to use on-location shoot and possibly comic con events.

This tripod will be used to get that steady shot as some of the photos I take don’t come out clear and sharp. The little time I had using the tripod at a studio shoot I was at, has been very helpful in setting up shots, making sure I have the right distance between myself and the cosplayer. Added benefit for setting up a shot, that I can repeatedly take the same shot or similar, over and over again, without losing position or shot.

The tripod also has a handy mobile phone mount which has come in useful when conducing selfies at home or hosting streaming videos on social media.

Laptop + Software

My laptop of choice has been the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 since 2016 with the editing software of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

One reason for picking this laptop for how light, compact and powerful the whole package is. It’s a massive help to take on my travels my laptop as once I’ve taken my photos, I can upload them to my laptop, and if I fancy it, do some quick edits.

I’m surprised how well my laptop has survived over these years. My workflow using my laptop hasn’t diminished over the years even with learning new additional skills.

The cost…

I sometimes think how much do I carry on my back when I go to comic-con events. I think worked out if I had to replace everything, I would need to pay out over £4000.

I know why I can very protective when someone goes near my bag.

Note: All links to products are just for reference. This post isn’t sponsored, product placement, nor will it generate money should you click on the links.

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