So you have a time on your hands…

As people are going to into self isolation. Some people with use this time to complete and finish off cosplay projects ready when the comic con season resume. But there are some people who will be looking to do others things, like learn new skills, keeping fit, places to buy from artist alley as well as finding new entertainment packages and games.

Here is a small list of links, portal, personalities, etc where you can keep yourself entertained, educated, discover new loves while we are keeping yourself busy.

Just a thank you to all of my friends of FnC, who have contributed ideas to building this list. We will add more as time goes on.

A compiled list of free services you can look through

Artist Alley


Cosplay Music Video

Learning Skill

Fit and Healthy

Charity Events

Should you be struggling mentally with the isolation and need someone to talk, here is a list of services which we hope can help you.

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