Hire Eddie for location shoots

With the season changing, Eddie is looking for people to shoot with in 2020.

Eddie is willing to shoot any theme, doesn’t have to be cosplay related and small group shoots are available. If you have a project you need photos for, Eddie is willing to shoot it.

  • £60 Flat rate per day per project
  • Minimum of 5 photos will be edited
  • Primarily location – London
  • Weekday evening and weekends are best times to shoot
  • Cost of travel outside of London, will need to be covered

All shoots will need to be discussed with Eddie first before any agreement is confirmed.

If you can’t afford to shoot with Eddie, you can still contact him and discuss about your project and possibly can offer TFP time instead.

Here are some sample photos from locations shoot taken in 2019.

Photos taken will appear on this very website for the world to see.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Eddie via DM.

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About Foodandcosplay

Food and Cosplay is a blog that started off like any other by Eddie who would frequent cons until eventually he decided to start taking photos. These photos thus went onto Tumblr, and then onto Facebook and now it is here. What started off with humble beginnings is slowly becoming a monster where we try and encourage fun in cosplay as well as craftsmanship, diversity and acceptance.