Growing in 2020

As we begin a new year and decade, I kinda want to set out things I hope to see in the community and myself in the coming years and beyond.

Take a step back

I hope that we are more understandable and not so quick to judge others. I’ve found small matters which people try and call people out on, I think we all need to step back and see the bigger picture, or try and understand why someone would make a statement which you might not agree with. We all easily jump to conclusion. We all seek to have people who share similar or exact views but should someone really say or do something you don’t agree with, does it really need a “call out” in their action or unfriended. Having a different view doesn’t necessarily make people wrong. I like hearing a different view, it makes me understand why someone would say or do what they’ve done, I don’t have to still agree but at least I understand their actions.

See more of Comic-Con

I hope to enjoy comic con more. This is not to say, I don’t but with all the rushing around I do around MCM London over the three days for my booked schedule and then people contacting me if I’m at certain comic con events, sometimes I’m left more exhausted then I’ve arrived. I might start offering very limited time outside events away from London as I still like my schedule shoots in London. I want to still enjoy looking around a comic con event or chat to friends as for the most part, it’s my only time up catch up with people.

Friends outside of Comic-Con

I hear too many people saying they only go to comic-con just to meet up with friends. It would be great to see friendship grow outside of the Comic-Con event. Have a weekend on helping each build a cosplay, hang out or even setting a photoshoot with your favourite photographer.

“Don’t shit on other people’s fandom”

As the community grows, it’s becoming more mainstream, we should be as open to new people joining our community. We don’t need to be gatekeepers should someone not know the finite or basic knowledge of a fandom. There is a rich fountain of fandoms to pick from that we can’t all be knowledgeable about everything. Don’t shut people out, that’s not who we are, we all started with nothing. Let’s all enjoy the same fandom. Also equalling, don’t shit on someone’s else’s fandom cause you don’t like it, again, if it’s not harming you, let them enjoy their fandom. We are ok for others to like other things.

See less creepy comments

I would like to see more people comment on cosplayers or photographers photos saying how they like the photos or recognise the work gone into it. We can all agree that saying, you look sexy or saying creepy things is not the way. No one invites anyone to say anything creepy. The internet is not a shield you can hide behind to be vulgar to people. You are expected to do and say online as you would in real life. 

Promote Skillful Cosplay

I would like to set more comments for skillfully made cosplays. To many cosplays, I’ve seen who have created fantastic cosplay but because of the lack of likes or coverage, it’s not always seen. If you have seen a skillfully made cosplay, why not help share them on your social media page or comment how lovely it is. It would mean the world to that person. 

That is all for now. If there are other things we should include on this list or want to discuss, drop a comment on this article.

About Eddie

Creator, founder of FnC and kidnappers of cosplayers at comic cons. Someone who stalks....*cough*...admire all forms of cosplay. And generally sees the fun side of things. Also have a slight obsession with Harley Quinn, only slight.