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Review : Buying from Wish an Asuka Plugsuit

Everyone’s seen Wish advertised on Facebook and similar sites. They’re very cheap, but a lot of people are hesitant to buy without knowing what the quality is like.
Thankfully, I am not one of those people and I decided to throw my £17.14 (+£10 shipping) into the void and see what came back.

This was the advert for the plug suit I decided to go for:

As a plus-size Cosplayer in both build and height, I have to pay close attention to the size charts of anything I’m going to order unless it is custom sized. Here’s the size chart that accompanied the advert:

Given I won’t be binding for Asuka, I followed the women’s size chart. I am 6’ (183cm) tall, so I instantly bought the biggest size to ensure it would fit. I checked the other measurements which were all within range and, given this is made of a highly stretching material, I thought would fit me well.
Made my order on September the 7th, 2019, my order was shipped on September 11th, 2019 and arrived on September the 20th, 2019. Not bad for a stab in the dark!

Now, the big questions. Quality and fit.

As I said before, I’m 6’ tall and I am plus-size, wearing a 14-16 in ladies clothing sizes, so I was dubious when I pulled this bad boy out of its little bag.

This is what it looks like on my mannequin!

So I will start with the bad, because then you know it gets better, right?

Bad things:

Now, I’m no master seamstress, but damn those are some messy butt seams. The thread is visible all over the suit, especially when stretched. It doesn’t bother me that much, but it could be annoying if you intend on using the suit repeatedly or for professional shoots. In an ideal world, I would unpick all the seams and redo them, but we will have to see how time goes!

The zip fits well and functions well, but my word is that slider hard to do up on your own. It is so tiny, and when you have Lycra on your hands? It’s next to impossible! So if you intend on wearing this alone… I hope you’re very bendy.

And now, the good!

It fits VERY nicely. The sizing is exactly as described in the table, the stretch is perfect in all directions and I had a full range of motion all over, no bunching or pinching. 
It looks amazing on, really –  I rarely cosplay female characters but felt so confident in this, I’m actually going to wear it to a con.
It also arrived in 13 days from order to my doorstep – perfect for a quick emergency cosplay for a con.
So overall, my thoughts?
I have actually recommended this suit to my friends! Given it is less than £20, it’s an instant cosplay that would definitely work for a con. I will be adding a bigger zip for ease of changing, and hidden zippers in the wrists so I can use my phone, but other than that? It’s con ready.
If you’re considering buying from Wish, my advice is:

  • Check the size charts carefully
  • Check for reviews, good OR bad
  • Pay with PayPal, to give you buyers protection in case anything goes wrong

I hope my little review is helpful! Enjoy your shopping!

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