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Review: The Cosplay Journal Vol. 2

With the recent release of the second volume of The Cosplay Journal. We at Food and Cosplay are privileged to get a sneak peek at the latest issue of this must have cosplay culture magazine. Find out our thoughts below!

Firstly, what is The Cosplay Journal?

Editor and Head Writer Holly Rose Swinyard describes The Cosplay Journal as “A coffee table publication, focused on showcasing the artistry, craftspersonship and diversity of the UK cosplay community, as well as helping cosplayers new and old explore the lifestyle of this hobby and where it can take them in the future.”
In the current world of instant news and online content this publication is well worth owning a physical copy to truly appreciate its beautifully presented, full-colour, 80 pages.
The Cosplay Journal is packed full of quality content such as interviews with cosplayers and creatives on their own specialities, tips and tricks and stunning full-page photo spreads.

What is the book about?

Volume two features an enlightening interview with cosplayer Vicky Magee/ Pegsicle Cosplay (featured on this volume’s cover) discussing her experiences in the cosplay/convention community as a disabled cosplayer. Vicky has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, also known as, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome which affects one of the main types of collagen in the body and thus affects not only her joints but all organs and body systems leading to chronic pain.

This interview takes an in depth look at ableism in the community along with advice for other cosplayers suffering chronic conditions on taking breaks and making the most of you convention time without adversely affecting your health.

This volume also includes the Craft Focus features, one concentrating on sewing and one on armour builds. In this feature Velveteena Leigh, talks us through her original Snow White design and discusses the intricacies of working with various fabrics and trouble-shooting the most common problems associated with each.

While Thom Wall of Sorenzo Studios discusses his passion for armour builds stemming from his first recreation of a Daft Punk helmet to the creation of his thriving armour and prop making business.

The Cosplay Journal also features several guides to common cosplay dilemmas such as how to carry all you need while in costume and a handy cosplay posing guide to make the most out of your time with convention photographers and quick con-hall pictures.

Peppered throughout the publication are several full page photo-spreads that could easily be used as posters if you can bare to tear apart this wonderful book. Volume two features photosets of U Go & Cosplay in his wonderful Black Panther costume, Maker & Muse Cosplay in her celebrated Triss Merigold costume and many more!

Also included is a fabulous interview with artist Hannah Alexander, who’s art nouveau style renderings of comic and popular culture characters have inspired cosplayers all over the world to re-create her work.

Xanthe Nimmo discusses the breaking into the cosplay photography scene with advice on researching, editing and collaborating with cosplayers to get the best results for all.

This volume ends with an incredibly useful feature on making the most of your home workspace concluding in a detailed tutorial of how to make your own movable sewing counter using “IKEA hacks” ensuring you have all the space you need to craft and store materials on a budget.

All in all this is the most comprehensive and inclusive physical-copy magazine we have ever seen and a must have coffee-table item to impress your friends, cosplayers and “normies” alike, with it’s beautiful presentation and informative content.

Where can I buy the book

The Cosplay Journal posts updates online at instagram and facebook and can be purchased at

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